Every company, every entrepreneur proudly represents his product or service. But how do you position your core values in a way that your target audience will believe? And how do you identify growth opportunities that match your corporate strategy?

We assist you to get in contact with your target audience by using the right tools and methods. You are guided through a process of continuous improvement that is centrally coordinated but supported by professionals.


During the International Program of Business Studies at Reutlingen University, one of the most respected international programs in business administration, I was able to work on my intercultural capacities abroad for three years. This brought along a broad sense of understanding people’s behaviours, which is why people feel comfortable engaging in long-term collaborations.

Over the last 15 years I made contributions to sales processes in various market segments that include international brands and trade organisations, but also small and local business groups. A big advantage is that I have gained experience in all kinds of sectors and therefore know the challenges, problems, strengths and limitations of small businesses as well as those of internationally oriented companies.


  • Our website was in need of a complete renovation. Because quality is very important to us, we were ready for a new website. Boerhout Consultancy took all the worries off your hands and created a beautiful website.

    Team van Gastel
    Team van Gastel
  • In the highly competitive market of printing, Arjen was able to look at existing processes in a different way. He challenged us to get our customer contact to a higher level resulting in a better qualified sales funnel.

    Menno Reijnders
    Menno Reijnders Manager Sales - Ricoh Document Center
  • The cooperation with Boerhout Consultancy resulted in measurable turnover growth. We created a win-win situation in which we manage our growth and strengthen our customer relationships on a regular base.

    Dave Spaans
    Dave Spaans Founder - SportBit Manager
  • Arjen is effective due to his in his way of working, his optimism and his knowledge of people. Although finding relevant points of interest in our market domain is very challenging, he manages to provide interesting leads.

    Andries van Oers
    Andries van Oers Content Conversion Director - Forty 7
  • In close cooperation with Scholten Awater, Arjen has brought the latest Toshiba Mobile Zero Clients to the attention of corporate accounts including banks, insurances, municipalities and the Dutch police.

    Geert van de Laak
    Geert van de Laak Sales Manager - Toshiba
  • After we expressed the need to enter the German market, Arjen set out an acquisition strategy and took up the acquisition. He also implemented a CRM system that helps us maintain our customer contact.

    Dédee Kortum
    Dédee Kortum Owner - Buitenleven
  • In the complex market of machine building Arjen reached out to major accounts all over the world to talk about topics like industry 4.0 and predictive maintenance. Over time, this lead to new business development.

    Adam Lamont-Brown
    Adam Lamont-Brown Managing Director / Founder - Max ASP
  • The advice to work with a CRM system and its implementation has led to a better grip on the market.  Arjen helps to identify market opportunities and maintains valuable contact with customers.

    Jan Jongeneelen
    Jan Jongeneelen Director - New Age Learning
  • Arjen is a true pioneer who likes to operate in many different areas at the same time. Within Schiefer he independently made a set up for market approach that was clear to everyone and easy to follow.

    Karin Schiefer
    Karin Schiefer CEO - Schiefer Lighting
  • Our entire sales process was examined and reorganised in a more efficient way. This resulted in an increase in turnover and, in addition, it created room for extra employees. Arjen also created the foundation to enter the German market.

    Chris de Haan
    Chris de Haan Founder - Tropical Hangout


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    In today’s digital age it is important to use the interaction with your customers to transfer your brand identity in the best possible way. A well-formulated organisational claim and proposition is essential in attracting (potential) customers to your organisation. No matter if it is offline or online, we help you to formulate the right message to strengthen the brand’s traceability.



    Appealing and effective online positioning helps you to get in touch with your target group. After (re)defining the core values and brand promises the corporate identity and website are often changed as well. After writing down who you are and what you believe in as a company it is possible to visualize it into an identity. We have some very creative people assisting us while the process is centrally coordinated by a dedicated contact person.


    Skilled employees are crucial in an efficient sales process. In every sales process the relationship with your customer is the key to success. After analysing the commercial qualities and know-how of the employees we discuss the focus of the training. Some might need more theory, others might need a field coach. We advise on how to pursue sustainability while achieving growth targets.


    To achieve higher returns and a better working environment one must clearly formulate the commercial objectives and implement subtle or powerful adjustments to the sales process. By analysing the process of lead generation, acquisition of new customers, documentation, after-sales activities and the effectiveness of the CRM-system we always find room for improvement. Sales and business processes are examined, and new working methods are implemented if necessary. Big improvements are sometimes the result of minimal changes.


    Today’s leads determine your success for the future. We help you to attract high quality leads from your region or market domain and (far) beyond. Often there are plenty promising prospects, but how do you find them? And what do you do after the first interaction? Connecting with your target audience and building up strong relationships is our core business.


    Whether it’s training, a new website, setting up your sales process or activating your brand: the goal must always be to achieve higher returns!